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Acupuncture in Calgary NW – Your Alternative Treatment

At Brentwood Physiotherapy, our goal is to provide people with the highest quality of care by utilizing the best treatments. Part of our repertoire is acupuncture, the ancient Chinese medical process, which has become a mainstream modern form of therapy. 

An effective treatment that can reduce pain, improve and stimulate muscle movement, and provide relief from stress and anxiety, acupuncture involves the process of inserting incredibly thin needles into the skin at painful locations on the body. The needles will stimulate the key nerve, muscle, and connective tissue points, increasing blood flow and encouraging the body to produce its own natural painkillers. The depth of the insertion and the needle size will vary depending on the treatment that you need, but the outcome remains the same: to reduce pain and stress. 

Whether part of a personalized Calgary physiotherapy plan, or on its own, acupuncture can be highly beneficial to individuals suffering from chronic and acute conditions, including pain (such as lower back, neck and shoulders), headaches, respiratory disorders (such as sinusitis and asthma), sleep and digestive disorder, hormonal imbalances, and Bell’s Palsy. Significantly, it can aid mental disorders, such as high-stress, anxiety and depression. It is also an alternative option for many individuals looking for non-traditional medical treatments and surgeries.

You can receive treatment and relief with our registered acupuncturist and specialized physiotherapists at our clinic. Through one-on-one sessions in a private screened room, you will enjoy a high level of care and a quicker road to a full recovery with our experts. Having worked with professional dancers, musicians, NHL players, Canadian Masters Athletes, and everyday Canadians, our acupuncturist will work alongside your physiotherapist, so your treatment remains consistent with your personalized plan. 

For acupuncture in Calgary NW that’s of the highest-standard, trust the team here at Brentwood Physiotherapy.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Acupuncture Services

Experience Care & Composure with Acupuncture in NW Calgary

As leading experts in physiotherapy, we know that some individuals require specialized treatments to aid their health. It is why we incorporated acupuncture into our program. Whether as an optional therapeutic tool or as a comprehensive stand-alone service, acupuncture can prove highly useful for your health. 

With its roots firmly from traditional Chinese medicine, this ancient form of therapy has transgressed successfully into a modern alternative. It can alleviate the symptoms and pain from countless acute and chronic conditions and has proven significantly influential in aiding those with mental issues. 

Our acupuncturist and specialized physiotherapists will work together to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care. By only employing licensed practitioners, you will spend more time with your carer, and less time waiting. This is all part of our approach to offer you more effective treatment and faster results. Your health is the primary goal, and our team will do what it takes to ensure you receive premium treatment. 

Our clinic also offers dry needling (a similar process to acupuncture), physiotherapy and massage therapy in Calgary NW. No doctors’ referrals are required to book an appointment with our team. 

We are located at 789 Northmount dr NW. For the best acupuncture in Calgary NW, feel free to call us at 403-282-8050 or email us at [email protected].

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