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Physiotherapy Specialists for Neck Pain

Pain in the neck? We’ve got you covered. We have a registered physiotherapist in Calgary that specializes in neck pain. You’ll find comfort knowing our physiotherapists have on average 25+ years of experience in diagnosing and treating neck pain. We utilize our multi-disciplinary approach to partner with you to asses and ultimately create a personalized treatment plan that will have you back to your normal, whatever your normal is.

What are Neck Injuries?

Neck injuries and pain are very common problem, most prevalent in downtown Calgary’s corporate district. Here, countless hours are spent sitting in front of a computer screen or looking down at cellphones.  As a result of our lifestyle, our neck takes increased loads for prolonged periods, resulting in far to familiar aches and pains.

Neck injuries vary widely in severity, type and cause. Typically, neck injuries result from either overuse or trauma. Cellphones and sitting at a desk for an extended periods of time is a common culprit. Injuries sustained from overuse usually fall under strains and sometimes even herniated spinal discs. Traumatic events, like sudden impacts, cause sprains, whiplash, nerve damage and fractures.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Neck Pain TreatmentsNeck Injury symptoms

Neck injuries are classified into two categories: soft tissue and spinal cord. 

The most common neck injury is soft tissue which encompasses strains and sprains that reduce muscle, tendon and ligament flexibility. These injuries can bring a lot of discomfort with pain ranging from mild to severe and even debilitating. There are many types of spinal cord injuries, all of which are very serious. Whiplash related injuries and herniated discs fall under spinal cord injuries. Quite often patients will feel pain, numbness, stinging, warming and even an electrical shock like sensation. Fractures are also associated with spinal cord injuries and cause instability in the neck, often requiring immediate surgery. This can damage the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis or death. 

The most common symptoms of neck injuries include:

  • Pain
  • Tingling sensations
  • Burning sensations
  • Weakness
  • Numbness
  • Limited range of motion

What causes Neck Injuries?

Neck injuries are a result from overuse, trauma, or illness. In injuries associated with overuse, neck muscles and ligaments of the joint are being overloaded. Overuse injuries encompass a wide variety of causes, such as poor posture, repetitive neck motion, sleeping posture or carrying a heavy bag day after day. If you have ever woken up in the morning with a painful neck and very limited range of motion, you’ve most likely had “wry neck”. This is a common injury caused by the tissue, that normally surrounds the joint, being stuck in-between the joint space. 

Traumatic injuries are most often caused by car accidents or contact sports. Here the neck and spine are subjected to a tremendous amount of force, causing damage that can sometimes be irreversible. Additionally there are a number of existing conditions that can cause pain in the neck, including arthritis, infections, or tumors. 

Below we have listed the four most common causes of neck injuries: 

  • Car accidents
  • Sport injuries
  • Poor posture
  • Sleeping position

Physiotherapy for Neck Injuries

Pain associated with minor neck injuries will often alleviate on their own with rest. However, in a lot of cases, patients will benefit from seeing a physiotherapist in Calgary in order to develop proper techniques for pain relief. A physiotherapist will begin by evaluating the extent and severity of the injury. This evaluation will allow the physiotherapist to create a personalized  plan to help alleviate the pain and ultimately fix the issue. A treatment plan will often include postural training, gentle exercises, electrical stimulation, traction, massage, ultrasound and acupuncture. Pain associated from more serious injuries will follow the same detailed evaluated with varying evidence based treatments to follow.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Neck Pain Treatment 

At Brentwood Physiotherapy our team of physiotherapists are specialists at treating patients who have sustained a neck injury. With over 25+ years of working alongside doctors and surgeons, our physiotherapists are proud to be the primary referral for the majority of whiplash and neck injuries sustained in Calgary. This experience has given our team of physiotherapists the experience needed to properly assess and treat neck injuries with confidence. Our physiotherapists will tailor a personalized treatment plan to each patient’s specific condition in order to improve strength, restore stability and eliminate pain.