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Dry Needling Calgary: Experience Instant Relief

Our mission at Brentwood Physio is to provide you with the highest standard of care and help you on the road to recovery. We also know that each mission is different, which is why we provide a variety of specialized treatments, including dry needling treatments.

Dry Needling in Calgary

Whether part of an overall physiotherapy plan or just on its own, dry needling can provide you with significant relief. Our experienced physiotherapists have used dry needling on many of our clients including NHL players, Canadian Masters Athletes, and everyday Calgarians; with remarkable results.

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If you are looking to learn more about dry needling, scroll down, our physiotherapist has explained everything below.

Is dry needling (IMS) the same thing as acupuncture?

Dry Needling Treatment and IMS

Dry needling and acupuncture are two different things. Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that inserts very thin needles into the body at strategic points. It is thought to help relieve pain and promote healing. Dry needling is a newer technique that uses needles to stimulate specific muscles and tissues. It is used to treat pain, muscle spasms, and other problems.

Dry needling is a great way to relieve pain and tension in your muscles. The needles used during this treatment don’t inject fluid into the body, which is why it’s called “dry” needling. This means that the needles won’t cause any discomfort or pain when they are inserted into your skin.

What is dry needling?

Dry needling, also known as Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is a treatment technique that uses a thin filament needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying muscle tissue. The needle is inserted into targeted areas that can cause discomfort and pain in other parts of the body. The needles work by breaking apart the tightened bands of muscles (trigger points) that cause pain and tightness in the muscles. Dry needling is often used to treat musculoskeletal pain, such as neck pain, shoulder pain, and lower back pain.

What is dry needling

In-and-out techniques

Some dry needling techniques involve rapidly moving a needle in and out of the insertion point. This is typically a more aggressive form of dry needling as therapists will often target trigger points. This technique will releases muscle tension, by causing tight muscles to twitch and then relax.

Trigger Point Technique

Dry needling is a technique that many people are finding to be incredibly helpful in relieving pain. By inserting needles into “trigger points” in the muscle, the practitioner can help to release any knots or tension in the muscle. These are sensitive areas of tight muscle fibres that are often a result of injury or overuse from working out. This can lead to relief from pain, spasms, and cramps. The needles will remain in your skin for a short amount of time, alleviating symptoms. So if you are experiencing muscle pain, dry needling may be a treatment option worth considering.

Non-trigger point technique

This technique will often be used to address broader issues, like your entire leg and lower back as opposed to just your calf muscle. By using needles around the area of pain instead of directly on it, practitioners can rely on the idea that pain is not just focused in the main area of pain. This broader approach to dry needling can be more effective in treating chronic pain and other issues.

IMS Physiotherapy Calgary

IMS Physiotherapy Calgary

Dry needling can be used on its own or in combination with other treatments such as massage or physiotherapy. It is often used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions such as neck pain, back pain, and joint pain. Additionally, it can be used to treat sports injuries and chronic pain. The treatment is typically safe and well-tolerated, but there may be some mild discomfort when the needle is inserted. If you are considering dry needling as a treatment option, speak to your physiotherapist about whether it is right for you.

benefits of dry needling

What are the benefits of dry needling?

Dry needling is highly beneficial for individuals recovering from an acute injury or those looking to manage symptoms of chronic conditions. It can help reduce pain associated with neck pain, low back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and more. It can help to reduce muscle tension and stiffness, improve range of motion, and relieve pain.

What can our dry needling clinic in Calgary treat?

Dry needling can be an incredible tool for those attending physiotherapy. It can help treat conditions including, but not limited to:

What Does the evidence say about dry needling?

Dry needling is a relatively new form of treatment that can be effective in treating a variety of conditions. There is some controversy surrounding dry needling, as there is with any new treatment. However, current research suggests that it is an effective treatment. It has been shown to be helpful in treating pain, tension headaches, and neck pain, among other things.

If you are considering trying dry needling, it is important to talk to your physiotherapist first. They can help you decide if it is the right treatment for you and can provide you with instructions on how to safely undergo this procedure.

What Are The Side effects of dry needling?

The side effects of dry needling are generally minor and include temporary soreness, bruising, and swelling. However, there are some incredibly uncommon but more serious side effects that may occur, such as a lung puncture or nerve damage. Anyone who experiences any of these more serious side effects should seek medical attention immediately. Like most medical treatments, there are risks involved. In the case of dry needling, serious symptoms are incredibly low, which is why dry needling is considered safe.

The best IMS and dry needling physiotherapy in calgary

The Bottom Line

Dry needling is an effective treatment for pain and can help you get back to your life. There are not too many types of treatments available that will provide almost instant relief, dry needling can do exactly that. If you’re struggling with pain, make an appointment today to see if dry needling can help you. Click here to book an appointment.