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Brentwood Physiotherapy Sports Injury Treatments

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Top Physiotherapy Clinic for Sports Injuries and Acute Knee Clinic Calgary

At Brentwood Physiotherapy Clinic we work with athletes of all abilities, managing all aspects of injury and rehabilitation. Additionally we provide counselling and education before, during and after sport activity to make sure you are at your peak performance. Brentwood Physiotherapy Calgary has a team of physiotherapists specializing in the treatment of sport injuries. Each of our registered physiotherapists have been providing Calgary sports therapy and treating sport injuries for 25+ years. Athletes from the NHL, the Canadian Olympic team, Alberta Ballet and Canadian 55+ Games Medalists are just some of the patients our team of sports therapist is accustomed to treating.

Sports Injuries generally fall into two main categories: overuse injuries and acute injuries. Overuse injuries are generally preventable, through best physiotherapy Calgary interventions to reduce these types of injuries include gradually increasing training, improving flexibility, biomechanics and strength. Additionally, acute injuries such as acute knee injury clinic Calgary is treat by our knee specialist Calgary. We utilize the latest evidence based exercises and treatments to manage symptoms of sport injuries. Our effective personalized physiotherapy treatment programs will first focus on relieving symptoms, and then on strengthening exercises that will enable the patient to return to daily activities and work tasks.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Sports Injury Treatments