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Calgary Physiotherapy & Massage

Welcome to one of your most revitalizing professional physiotherapy experiences. Here at Brentwood Physiotherapy Calgary we provide treatments tailored to your needs with the assurance of experienced staff and comprehensive follow-ups. Are you experiencing enduring physical discomfort without explanation? Or getting frustrated with your current attempts to alleviate chronic or acute pain? We are here to help and confidently pride ourselves with over 16 years of established, effective, evidence based physiotherapy services. Our team of highly experienced Physiotherapists in Calgary –average 25+ years of experience—has worked alongside NHL players, Canadian Masters athletes and of course, everyday Calgarians seeking expert care. 

Whatever your age or background, we are delighted to provide consultations as well as professional assessment and treatment options (listed below). Searching for Physiotherapy Calgary NW? Located in NW Calgary, #258 1632 14 Ave. You can find our clinic within North Hill Mall Professional Offices, conveniently close to downtown. Give us a call at 403-282-8050 to begin your program with us today. 

Patient Testimonials

Excellent physiotherapy clinic! I had a back problem for over 5 years, and thanks to my time at Brentwood physio I am no longer in pain! Can’t recommend them enough

— Kristina K.

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A Few Of Our Services

Massage In Calgary Service 


Massages may be offered as part of a multidisciplinary physiotherapy plan or simply on its own to provide pain relief and muscle relaxation. Our registered massage therapists in Calgary specialize in three primary types of massage; therapeutic, deep tissue/trigger point and relaxation. By utilizing these techniques we can promote healing within the body.

Physiotherapy In Calgary 


Our Physiotherapy Calgary NW services uses evidence-based research to treat musculoskeletal conditions such as soft tissue injuries, arthritis, and chronic or acute pain. An experienced physiotherapist will provide examination of the targeted areas, detailed rehab plan and provide conscientious follow-ups to give you your best physical and mental outcomes.

Acupuncture In Calgary Service


Our Physiotherapist Calgary clinic offers acupuncture as an effective treatment. Acupuncture stimulates key nerves and muscles, which in turn increase blood flow and stimulates the production of your body’s natural painkillers. We utilize acupuncture as an optional therapeutic tool and as a comprehensive stand alone service.

What sets Brentwood Physiotherapy Apart

What Sets Us Apart

You should expect one-on-one care with an experienced physiotherapist. At Brentwood Physiotherapy Calgary, all physiotherapy sessions are in privately screened rooms with a registered Physiotherapist in Calgary who on average has over 25 years of professional experience. Your health is our priority, so we employ licensed practitioners instead of assistants and our treatments are twice as long as our competitors. 

Collectively, our service policy ensures a superior experience for you: more effective treatment, more personalized therapy and faster results. Our concern is you, and we will work to deliver the recovery you want as a product of effective one-on-one therapy.