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Physiotherapists are experts in creating exercise programs for rehabilitation and performance. All sessions include an assessment, treatment plan, manual therapy, corrective movement, and reassessment. Physiotherapists may also use methods listed below:

Dry Needling / IMS


Joint Mobilization

Myofascial Techniques

Therapeutic Exercises

Massage Therapy

Massage therapists specialize in the manual therapy and myofascial therapy. Every session begins with an assessment of your body, followed by a tailored treatment plan, manual therapy and and reassessment. Your RMT may also use methods listed below:

Deep Tissue Massage

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Joint Mobilizations

Myofascial Techniques

Corrective Exercises


Back Pain

Say Goodbye to Back Pain!


Stop pain. Future proof your body.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Strong Pelvic Floor, Stronger you.


Stop the Dizziness Now.

Massage Services


Soothe Your Body, Ease Your Mind.


Eliminate Pain with Acupuncture.

Dry needling

Pain Relief Delivered Fast.

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Bill H.

Brentwood Physio help me live a pain-free life. Most importantly, the team helps me understand when I’ve pushed my body too much and educates me on how to maintain it.

Mary S.

I had back pain for months… finally decided to give Brentwood Physio a try. And let me tell you, best decision I ever made!

Brentwood Physiotherapy TMJ Treatment

Mary V.

I’ve been going to Brentwood Physio for monthly tune-ups and my body feels so much looser when I’m performing on stage.

David K.

I learned how to properly align my pelvis, which in turn, helped align my spine and neck and improved my neck pain from my car accident. 

Specializing in treating…


Neck Pain

Relieve Your Pain.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Sports Injury Treatments

Sports Physio

Perform at Your Very Best


Arthritis? We Can Help.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Sprains and Strains Treatments


Sprains? We’ve Got You Covered.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Whiplash Treatment


Recover from Whiplash with Us.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

MVA? We Can Help.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Carpral Tunnel Treatment

Carpal Tunnel

Say Goodbye to Carpal Tunnel Pain.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Acupuncture For Headaches


Headaches? We Can Help.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Joint Treatment

Joint replacement

We will get you moving.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Musculoskeletal Treatments

Musculo Skeletal

Complex MSK Issue Covered.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Repetitive Stress Injury

Repetitive strain injuries

Live Pain free today.

Physiotherapy Stroke


Complex Stroke Rehab.

Brentwood Physiotherapy TMJ Treatment


TMJ? Relief is Here.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Tendonitis Treatment


Tendonitis? We’ve Got You Covered.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Workplace Incidents

Workplace injuries

WCB injury? We Can Help.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Fall Prevention

Fall prevention

Prevent Falls, Improve Your Life.