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Physiotherapist in Calgary Reviews - Skillful Specialists |Brentwood Physio Physiotherapist in Calgary Reviews - Skillful Specialists |Brentwood Physio

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What are other people saying about us?

Highly recommend this clinic.  Awesome staff, great service.  They don’t just hook you up to a machine for the entire visit like I have experienced at other clinics.There’s a deep caring for your wellbeing and a they apply a number of approaches to tackle your issue.”

-Michelle and Quentin


“I would highly recommend. I went here as I was dealing with an injury from a bike running into me and injuring my leg. I was unable to walk or run very far after the accident.  After about a month and a half of treatments I am able to run +5 Km without any more pain. Couldn’t ask for better service and expertise.”

-Ashley B.


Fantastic place, went here as I was experiencing pain in my elbow from climbing. Service was great, short wait times, excellent help. Am going back for my next visit soon!

-Scott V.


“The staff at Brentwood Physiotherapy are caring, helpful and professional. I came in need of their services following an MVA and was very satisfied with my experience. I would recommend Brentwood Physiotherapy to anyone looking for an honest assessment and exceptional services!”

-Brianna G.


“I am in my third week of physio at Brentwood Physiotherapy for a shoulder injury I suffered golfing over a year ago. It was my mistake for waiting so long to do something about it but I was hopeful that it would heal itself. I am very pleased with my treatment plan and progress to date and am looking forward to a full recovery. Lalitha and her staff have been very professional  and  courteous. I would highly recommend Brentwood Physiotherapy to anyone requiring this type of service.”

-Mark L.


“Would definitely recommend! The service I received was amazing. I’ve gone to a number of places but this one was clean, professional, and I actually felt a lot better after going. Looks like I can finally work out again! I’ll definitely be returning in the future if I ever need to.”

Erin S.


“I have seen Carlijn at the clinic for some time now and I she has helped me get over significant pain and regain motion in my limbs. She is always professional, compassionate toward her clients, plus boasts a great sense of humour. I highly recommend her as someone who loves what she does and brings that to healing her clients to the highest degree.”

-Stephen G.

“I had issues with my Achilles’ tendon and went to another clinic for treatment with poor results.  I was fortunate to discover Brentwood Physiotherapy Clinic online and book an appointment with Lalitha.  She is very knowledgeable and I would rate her as the best therapist I have ever worked with.  The overall experience is very positive  and professional.”

-Sherolyn D.


“I would highly recommend Brentwood Physiotherapy.  I injured my knee playing volleyball and I thought I might have torn my ACL.  I went to my first appointment within 24hrs of calling. I was seen and evaluated immediately.  It did not appear that my ACL was torn but I had a severe sprain and the physiotherapist started my treatment right away.  I continued the treatment and strengthening exercises for another couple of weeks on a regular basis. I was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the staff, the extent to which they ensured the treatment addressed my specific injuries and their accommodation of my work schedule.”

-Erin S.


“I started my physiotherapy at Brentwood Physiotherapy well over two months ago with stubborn neck and shoulder pains.  My physiotherapist targeted my problem areas with various exercises and acupuncture. She also recommended a few sessions of massage with their massage therapist which further alleviate the tightness and the pain.  I am very thankful for her patience and happy with the results.  I would definitely recommend Brentwood Physiotherapy to anyone looking for good and effective physiotherapy.”

-Brock W.


“This is a great clinic! My three kids and I have all been patients at one time or another with Carlijn, Ken, Judy and Brenda. Their quality care, knowledge, team environment and commitment to their patients is a special thing to find in medical care.”

-Val L.


“My overall experience with Brentwood Physiotherapy has been nothing less than incredible. Staff are really friendly and the physiotherapist I saw has 30+ years of experience. This made ALL the difference! I cannot recommend them enough.”

-C. Mcsweens


“Excellent physiotherapy clinic! I had a back problem for over 5 years, and thanks to my time at Brentwood physio I am no longer in pain! Can’t recommend them enough.”

-Kristina K.

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