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I learned how to properly align my pelvis, which in turn, helped align my spine and neck and improved my neck pain from my car accident. 

Fall Prevention Programs in Calgary

Adults 65 years of age and older are the fastest growing portion of Canadas population. It is important that the health care needs of older adults are met to optimize health, physical function, quality of life and independent living. In Canada approximately 30% of older adults will fall at least once each year. Fractures and sprains occur in 50% of individuals who fall. These injuries often lead to a loss of independence, a massive change in lifestyle and account for 40% of all nursing home admissions.

Are you at RISK?

It is important to understand that anyone can have a fall. However, there are some factors that increase the risk for falls for an older adult. Here are six questions to ask yourself that will determine your risk level:

  1. Have you fallen in the last year? 
  2. Are you currently taking four or more prescription medications? 
  3. Do you have a history of stroke or Parkinson’s disease? 
  4. Do you have any balance problems? 
  5. Are you unable to stand up from a chair without using your arms? 
  6. Have you limited your recreational or social activities due to a fear of falling?

Answering YES to any of these questions indicates an ELEVATED RISK for falls. Answering YES to THREE OR MORE questions indicated there is a HIGH RISK of falls

Physiotherapy for Fall Prevention

Research has consistently shown that most falls can be avoided through preventative measures. By identifying weaknesses and dealing with certain risks one can eliminate the risk of falling. Making small changes at home can have a big impact. Kris Lindahl made a great blog highlighting the importance of installing the proper home safety features, like bathroom railings and non slip flooring. Check it out.

At Brentwood Physiotherapy Calgary we have create a Fall Prevention Program designed by physiotherapists for older adults. The program utilizes exercises and treatments that target balance, weakness and dizziness. This ultimately provides older adults with prolonged independence and longevity. Please contact the clinic for more information on this program.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Fall Prevention