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Working out for weight loss

We polled our community and had our team of physiotherapists, answer some common questions about working out for weight loss. Our team is qualified to answer questions about weight loss because they have extensive knowledge in

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Why you NEED to start planking

Why are planks an effective workout? Planking is an incredible full body exercise, which means that it targets the muscles in you upper body, core, lower back and lower body. It also helps stabilize your

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The 5 Best Strength Training Exercises

Everybody wants to be strong. It’s a primal desire, etched into our DNA. Strength is power, and power is the ability to control our environment. To get what we want in life, we need strength.

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Improve Your Posture in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Do you slouch when you sit down? Do you have a hard time standing up straight? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world suffer from poor posture. But did you know

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Why does Stretching feel so good?

Why does Stretching feel so good? We’ve all been there. You just finished a great workout and your muscles are screaming for mercy. But then you remember your coach always told you to stretch, so

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What Does Physiotherapy Do?

What Is Physiotherapy? Limited mobility, chronic pain, and overall stiffness and discomfort can significantly impede your quality of life and diminish the enjoyment you once experienced throughout your day. If you have a previous injury,

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Brentwood Physiotherapy Tendonitis Treatment

Top 11 things that can HELP you with Back Pain

1. Physiotherapy in Calgary You already knew this but here it is anyways. Feel free to skip this part and read our 10 other things that can help your back pain. Patients suffering from common

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New year, new technology, better healthcare.

Here is a sneak peak to a few of the new items and services we are launching in our new space: A state of the art force plate will be installed at the new clinic.

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Pick a colour win a prize!

  Colours have an emotional influence on us, it is something we cannot control and it can have an affect on how we feel in the moment. Existing research has found that colours can influence

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How to Roll Different Types of Joints

Ease Joint Pain By Improving Your Range Of Motion Do you frequently feel tense and sore, even if you sat at a desk all day? Does sitting up from your favourite chair make you feel

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Chiropractor Jobs in Calgary

We aim to inspire people to live a better life by taking care of their body. This ambitious goal starts with a dedicated and passionate team. We are always seeking talented individuals to join our

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