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I learned how to properly align my pelvis, which in turn, helped align my spine and neck and improved my neck pain from my car accident. 

Movement Therapy for Enhanced Physical Function

At Brentwood Physiotherapy, we offer a comprehensive Corrective exercises program to help our clients in Calgary achieve optimal movement and function. Our highly skilled physiotherapists utilize therapeutic exercise techniques and movement therapy to address musculoskeletal imbalances, improve posture, and enhance overall physical well-being. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, experiencing chronic pain, or seeking to enhance your athletic performance, our Corrective Exercises program can assist you in reaching your goals.

Corrective Exercises Calgary

What Are Corrective Exercises

Corrective Exercises are specialized therapeutic exercises designed to address musculoskeletal imbalances, improve movement patterns, and enhance overall physical function. These exercises target specific areas of dysfunction identified through a comprehensive assessment, aiming to correct postural deviations, strengthen weak muscles, and restore balance in the body.

Unlike general exercise routines, Corrective Exercises are personalized and prescribed by trained physiotherapists. They involve a combination of stretching, strengthening, and mobility exercises, gradually retraining the body to move efficiently and reduce strain. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking to improve movement quality, Corrective Exercises can play a vital role in restoring balance, function, and overall well-being.

Key Benefits of Corrective Exercises

Engaging in Corrective Exercise offers numerous benefits that can positively impact your health and quality of life. Some key advantages include:

Improved Posture

Corrective exercises focus on identifying and addressing any postural imbalances or dysfunctional patterns you may have developed over time. By prescribing targeted stretching and strengthening exercises, we can help retrain proper alignment, reduce strain on your joints and muscles, and attain better posture. This also helps reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Enhanced Flexibility

Corrective exercises are tailored to improve flexibility and mobility in specific joints and muscle groups identified as needing an increased range of motion and reduced tightness. Our customized programming stretches tight muscles, mobilizes stiff joints, and enhances overall flexibility. This allows you to move more freely with less discomfort.

Pain Relief

Many types of chronic and acute pain stem from underlying muscular imbalances, compensation patterns, and poor biomechanics. Corrective exercises address these root causes of pain by correcting faulty movement patterns and re-establishing muscle balance. Relieving strain on your body provides natural, long-term pain relief.

Injury Prevention

By identifying and correcting areas of weakness, instability, and imbalances through targeted corrective exercises, we can reduce stress on your joints and minimize the risk of future injuries. Optimizing your movement patterns improves stability and allows you to participate in physical activities with confidence and prevent re-injury.

Optimized Performance

No matter your activity level or fitness goals, corrective exercises can take your performance to the next level by enhancing your mobility, stability, strength, power, endurance, and movement mechanics. Better movement quality means improved athletic performance and less likelihood of holding you back.

Corrective Exercise benefits

Who Can Benefit from Corrective Exercises?

Corrective Exercises are suitable for individuals of all ages and activity levels who are seeking to address movement dysfunctions, improve posture, or recover from injuries. Our services are particularly beneficial for:

  • Individuals with chronic pain or recurring injuries.
  • Athletes aim to optimize their performance and prevent future injuries.
  • Office workers experiencing postural issues and muscular imbalances.
  • Seniors looking to maintain or improve their mobility and independence.
  • Anyone seeking to enhance their overall physical well-being.
Corrective exercises benefit

Patient Treatment Approach at Brentwood Physiotherapy

At Brentwood Physiotherapy, we take a personalized approach to Corrective Exercises, tailoring our programs to meet the unique needs of each individual. Here’s what you can expect from our service:

Comprehensive Assessment

Our experienced physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment to identify any musculoskeletal imbalances, movement impairments, muscle weaknesses or motor control deficits you may have. This may include postural analysis, range of motion testing, manual muscle testing, neurological testing, orthopedic special tests, and functional movement screening. The findings help guide the creation of your customized corrective exercise program.

Customized Exercise Programs

Based on the comprehensive assessment findings, we will design a tailored corrective exercise program that specifically targets your problem areas and goals. Your program will include a combination of stretching, strengthening, neuromuscular re-education, balance, stability, mobility, and functional exercises customized just for you. We use proven techniques to correct dysfunctional movement patterns.

One-on-One Guidance

Our knowledgeable physiotherapists will provide close guidance as you perform your targeted corrective exercises. They will demonstrate proper exercise techniques, and correct form, and provide modifications or progressions as needed to optimize your improvements. You will receive continuous feedback and coaching in each session.

Progress Tracking

We will regularly track and monitor your progress through re-assessments. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments to your exercise program to ensure you continue improving week-to-week and maximize your rehabilitation results. We tailor the program as you get stronger.

Education and Empowerment

Alongside the customized exercises, we will thoroughly educate you on correct movement principles and patterns. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and resources to continue your corrective program independently long after discharge. This facilitates lasting results.

Get Started with Corrective Exercises Today!

If you’re ready to take charge of your movement and experience the benefits of Corrective Exercises, contact Brentwood Physiotherapy in NW Calgary today. Our team of dedicated physiotherapists is here to help you on your journey toward better health and optimal function. Don’t let musculoskeletal imbalances hold you back – start your corrective exercise therapy with us and unlock your body’s full potential.