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Physiotherapy for Joint Replacements & Arthroplasty

Our physiotherapists in Calgary specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of hip and knee conditions. We utilize a multidisciplinary approach and partner with you to develop a personalized treatment plan designed to maximize the recovery of your joints.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Joint Treatment

What is a total knee replacement?

A total knee anrthoplasty (TKA) is a surgical procedure whereby the diseased knee joint is replaced with artificial material. The knee is a hinge joint, providing motion at the point where the thigh meets the lower leg. During a total knee replacement, the end of the femur bone is removed and replaced with a metal shell. The end of the lower leg bone (tibia) is also removed and replaced with a channeled plastic piece with a metal stem. The artificial components of a total knee replacement are referred to as the prosthesis. In the knee joint there is a ligament called the posterior cruciate, which normally stabilizes each side of the knee joint so that the lower leg cannot slide backwards. In total knee replacement surgery, this ligament is either retained, sacrificed, or substituted by a polyethylene post. Each of these various designs of TKA has its benefits and risks. A physiotherapist in Calgary can play a vital role in the pre and post operative management of a total knee arthroplasty or any other arthroplasty.

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

Pre-operative physiotherapy ensures the best possible outcome for surgical intervention. Our detailed physiotherapy rehab program is an exercise based program that is uniquely designed by our team of physiotherapists for individuals planning on undergoing a future surgery for arthroplasty. The goal of this program is to improve your surgical outcomes, strengthen the body and reduce your post-operative recovery time. In addition to increase the success rate of the operation and reducing recovery time, pre-operative physiotherapy saves patients money by reducing their need for post-operative care.

“A recent study found that as few as 1 to 2 sessions of preoperative physiotherapy can reduce post-operative care 29% for patients undergoing total hip or knee replacement.” That equates to over $4000 in savings!

Post-operative physiotherapy

The success of your surgery do not finish the moment you leave the hospital. At Brentwood Physiotherapy we recognize this and we will work with alongside your surgeons and doctors to create a rehabilitation plan that will maximize your recovery. We utilize the latest technologies and research to create a program that is both effective and efficient.