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Postural Neck and Back Pain

Postural neck and back pain is so common that it sometimes gets taken for granted. You can change this! Let us help you make that change.

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Slouching vs Sitting

Ever since we were kids we have been told that posture is important, but often sitting up straight feels like hard work. The reality of the situation is that your mother was right when she said ” don’t slouch”. Our guide to sitting correctly will help you.

Our bodies were never designed to sit all day long, but in this day and age it is a requirement for most jobs. When we slouch it makes it more difficult for our stabilizing muscles to work optimally, increasing the load through our spine. This results in pain and tightness. On the contrary, sitting excessively upright can also cause problems! Excessive muscle activation can cause pain and tightness as well. Both extremes lead to discomfort so it is important to find a happy medium.



Here is our guide to sitting or standing correctly.

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  1. Relax your spine into the back of the chair with your lower back supported by a backrest.
  2. The chair should completely support your thighs.
  3. Your legs should be flexed at a 90-110 degree angle.
  4. TAKE BREAKS (every 20 minutes re-adjust and stretch, every 40 minutes stand up and take a quick walk).
  5. The top of your screen should be at eye level.
  6. Your feet should be flat on the floor or use a foot stool if you can’t reach the ground.
  7. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor.
  8. Make sure that you relax your shoulders.

Back pain, neck/shoulder pain and headaches are common symptoms of poor posture. Changing the neuroplasticity of your brain to recognize correct posture is possible and never too late. Our physiotherapists will assess you for postural deficiencies and arm you with an exercise program to make good posture a reality.

Call now to book your appointment (403-282-8050) and say goodbye to poor posture.



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