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Top 11 things that can HELP you with Back Pain

1. Physiotherapy in Calgary

You already knew this but here it is anyway. Feel free to skip this part and read our 10 other things that can help your back pain.
Patients suffering from common types of back pain are usually reliant on physiotherapy for 4-6 weeks as the first conservative (non-surgical) treatment option before considering other more aggressive treatments. The goal of physiotherapy is to reduce back pain, increase function, and teach patients a maintenance program to prevent future back problems.

2. A TENS machine can offer electrical stimulation to your stiff muscles.

TENS machine allows them to relax and be painless. It may appear scary, but it is quite simple to use, and many people swear by it.

TENS is an abbreviation for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which sounds technical but simply means that it provides a tiny, harmless electrical current to your muscles, which can aid with pain relief. Simply place the provided electrodes around the region of pain and let the machine do the rest.

Customer Review: I have had chronic sciatica, and nerve impingement of LCFN, very painful and debilitating. I have used all kinds of meds and I am also getting nerve blocks. With the combination of the TENS machine, massage, and physio I’m getting much more control of my pain. Things are looking good and in a few weeks, I should be back to normal.


3. A back brace to assist individuals by providing lower back support.

Customer Review:  A spontaneous purchase that I do not regret. While on holiday I decided to try a back brace after taking my family to a large theme park. Near the end of the afternoon, my back really started acting up. For the next couple of weeks, any time I walked for more than an hour, my back would start bothering me. That is what prompted me to buy the back brace. This relieves a lot of the pain. I called my physiotherapist who told me this is not a permanent solution and will actually hurt me in the long run, so I will book an appointment when I’m back to see her.


4. A Shepard crook will help you get to those impossible-to-reach spots on your back

Shepherd crook (or hook) is a cost-effective back massage/trigger point release tool that helps to relax tense muscles. While using; apply deep pain that relieves pressure on the muscles of the back and neck.

Customer Review: This thing is awesome. It’s weird at first and you don’t really get how to use it but once you get the hang out of its fantastic! It really allows you to get deep into knots and work them out. The pointed side is great for knots and the round ball side is great for smoothing tense muscles. I like to use my heating pad the next day if there is any pain (like after you get a deep tissue massage) but once everything is worked out you feel so much better.

5. A pair of orthotics or insoles

Sometimes backspin can originate from our feet. That makes sense if you think about how long some of us spend on our feet. Not having the correct biomechanics in our feet can indirectly affect the muscles in our back. Definitely worth looking into.

6. A Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers

When you sleep on your side, you may feel pressure on your hips or shoulders at night. You can insert a pillow between your knees to keep your back up all night and to avoid discomfort.  Many sleepers on the side find that placing the pillow between the knees will also help relieve back pain all while helping them sleep faster.

Customer review: Took a couple of nights to adjust to but I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my sleep since I started using this pillow. Got another one for hubby who had constant lower back pain. He immediately noticed a decrease in his lower back pain after one night.

7. A Lumbar support pillow for your office chair and car seat

Lumbar pillows can also be used in the car, on the road, on the plane, on the sofa, and on your office chair. These memory foam pillows offer the perfect amount of low back support in all the right places. They are built to last a very long time, so it should last for many years without flattening.

Customer Review:
I drive a Toyota Tacoma and I find it does not have enough lumbar support. We just returned from a long road trip driving 10+ hrs each day for two days and usually, my back would be sore after a couple of hours. I have zero soreness/ tightness in my back it was worth every penny plus some. Thanks! Needless to say, everyone’s pain or discomfort is different but if you find your vehicle is missing support this is a big bonus, it has two strong straps that would fit around any seat.


8. A hot pack with such a comfortable cover

  • Here are some benefits of using a hot pack:
    Brings more blood to the area where it was applied.
  • It reduces joint stiffness and muscle spasms, making it very useful when your muscles are tense.
  • DO NOT use for the first 48 hours after injury.

9. A foam roller that will stretch out your spine.

Foam rolling is both a form of self-massage and a recommended technique for warming up during physical activity. It can be used before or after exercise or if you have tense muscles; you can use for a light massage.

Benefits of foam rolling:

  • Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Increase range of motion
  • Raise pain pressure threshold
  • Reduces recovery time for injury rehabilitation

10. An acupressure pad that is a little intimidating

These are very effective, especially with all of those little spikes! – In reality, it’s actually much more gentle with over 6000 pressure points for your back.

Customer Review: When my back hurts, I just lie down on my acupressure pad and the pain disappears. I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical in the beginning. The first time I used it, I found it quite difficult for me to remain still. That was probably because of how angry my back muscles were with me. I now use the matt fairly frequently, especially when I feel sore, it definitely helps. On a side note, the first time I used the matt, I tried to slide across the matt to reposition…this hurt a lot. Lesson learned!


11. A gentle yoga tutorial

Talk to your doctor about whether or not it is okay to start a yoga program if you suffer from back pain. Once you get the green light, you can protect your back by telling your yoga teacher in advance about specific pains and limitations. He or she can provide you with protective changes for certain positions and help perform the movements correctly, not burdening your back. Another option is to look for yoga studios or physiotherapy clinics that offer lessons specifically designed for movement classes for back pain relief.


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