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New year, new technology, better healthcare.

Here is a sneak peak to a few of the new items and services we are launching in our new space:

A state of the art force plate will be installed at the new clinic. This will assist our physiotherapist in measuring ground reaction forces generated by the body while standing or moving. It will also be utilized for taking precise measurements with balance, gait and other biomechanics parameters. This will allow for more comprehensive views on foot, leg and ankle injuries.

Whether you’re rolling out your muscles to warm up before a tough manual therapy session or recovering from some tricky exercises,  the Vyper will do the job better than whatever you’re using now. Not only does this textured roller provide myofascial release, but the battery-powered core introduces vibration for extra relief from tightness and soreness.

Perform the same exercises at our clinic as you would on a cable machine at the gym — biceps curls, lat pull-downs, triceps rows, lunges and rotational movements. Our training area will allow for physiotherapists to assess and guide patients through functional movements.

Increase blood flow and increased oxygenation. The addition of a Class IV Laser Therapy will assist our physiotherapists treating injured tissues that are deep and chronic. Clinical studies with the Class IV Laser have been shown to be very effective in treating many conditions, such as osteoarthritis, tendinitis and low back pain.

Hot stone massage station will be built into our new private room. Our Registered Massage Therapists will be implementing hot stone massage techniques to help relieve individuals with a variety of conditions, such as fibromyalgia. These stones are smooth, flat and made of a volcanic rock called basalt. We chose these particular stones because they retain heat well. Hot stone therapy will be used for pain relief, stress relief, decrease muscle spasm and in certain cases sleep promotion.

What’s one of the first things someone notices when they walk into a clinic? When people enter a new environment, they are usually extra sensitive to their surroundings. The most classic example of this is the smell of a dental clinic. We want to make a great first impression on everyone who enters Brentwood Physio. That is why we are choosing to install an air purification system that will not only purify the air and remove odours entirely but it will also help improve patient comfort and satisfaction.

These are just a few of the many changes that we will be implementing. We are very excited about the changes and hope you are too! Thank you for all your support.


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