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Pick a colour win a prize!


Colours have an emotional influence on us, it is something we cannot control and it can have an affect on how we feel in the moment. Existing research has found that colours can influence people in some surprising ways:

  1. Warm coloured placebo pills were reported to be more effective than cool coloured placebo pills.
  2. Blue streetlights has been shown to reduce crime in certain areas
  3. Red causes individuals to react with greater speed and force. This is the exact reason behind red stop signs.
  4. Wearing black jerseys in sports has been shown to increase the likelihood of receiving penalties
  5. Studies have shown that certain colours can even impact human performance.

Colour can play an important role in conveying information, creating certain moods and even influencing the decisions people make. For our team, design plays the largest role for the colour choice of our physiotherapy and massage clinic. We want to invoke certain feelings and avoid others. For example, we want our clinic to feel calm, friendly, and hopeful, but never chaotic or bland. Our interior designer has recommend using neutral, lighter colours for treatment rooms and furniture. We have decided to leave it to our patients to decide!

In a couple weeks you will be sent a short colourful survey with colour palates a mood boards. We appreciate all your feedback and will randomly pick a few participates to receive a complimentary massage in our new location!


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