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Virtual Rehabilitation from a Physiotherapist

Brentwood Physio Virtual Rehabilitation is an online physiotherapy service that provides users the confidential support of a licensed physiotherapist through an easy-to-use secure video/phone call.

It can be a challenge to attend in-person physiotherapy sessions, especially when practicing safe social distancing during COVID-19. We offer options that are flexible for busy schedules, and allow you to be rehabilitated from wherever you’re most comfortable.

Michelle – “No confusing technology – it just works”

Your physiotherapist will provide you with your own customized rehab program that will include video demonstrations, a personalized treatment program, pain index analysis, range of motion index analysis and a doctors report of findings.

We believe that it is important for us to be there for your physiotherapy needs. We will only be offering this exclusive service until April 29th. We have a small team of physiotherapists, each with 30+ years of experience, so sessions are limited daily. 

Call now to book your 15minute or 30minute session.


Online Physi

How Virtual Physiotherapy works:

  1. Call us and we will set an appointment time that works with your schedule.
  2. Follow the step by step instructions that will be sent to you in a personal e-mail 10minutes before your appointment. You will be prompted to download ZOOM video conferencing software (it’s secure and free).
  3. The video assessment will take place in a similar way as if you were in our clinic.
  4. Following your initial assessment, a personalized treatment plan will be sent to you, outlining the best ways to manage your condition and exercise solutions.
  5. Review the plan with your physiotherapist to put things into action and cue up your follow up visits to meet your goals. There you have it, you are on your way to recovery!


Call now to book your virtual physiotherapy session with an experienced physiotherapist.


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