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Spanish speaking physiotherapist in Calgary

We are grateful to have a bilingual physiotherapist at Brentwood physiotherapy, who is able to communicate with her patients in both Spanish and English.

Here is her story:

My name is Lalitha McSorley. I am both an owner and a physiotherapist at Brentwood Physiotherapy Clinic in Calgary. I have been studying Spanish because I think it is a beautiful language and it enables me to communicate with many of my patients in their native language.

Having been a physiotherapist for many years, I know how important communication is when assessing and treating patients. Communication in a healthcare setting is one of the most important tools we as physiotherapists have for providing great patient care and improving patient satisfaction. However, lines of communication can frequently be crossed and lead to a frustrating processes for the patient. According to information published by the Canadian Government, language barriers have been demonstrated to have adverse effects on access to health care, quality of care, rights of patients, patient and provider satisfaction, and most importantly, on patient health outcomes.

Every patient who comes to physiotherapy has a team of people involved in providing care throughout their recovery process; from physiotherapist and acupuncturists to massage therapist and even their family and loved ones. With so many parties involved, it’s understandable that mistakes in communication could occur. Too often these miscommunications are due to a language barrier and this comprises patients health. This is why I treat Spanish speaking patients in my practice. It is a privilege to be able to help them with their injuries whilst we have a few laughs over the idiosyncrasies of languages.

I would like to see all Spanish speaking patients treated as I would like to be treated. I want everyone who speaks Spanish to know that it is possible to receive quality physiotherapy in Calgary.

At Brentwood Physiotherapy, we take communication and patient care seriously and train our team members to break down these communication barriers to provide excellent patient care. By providing effective communication with the patients, our team members do their part to improve patient satisfaction and ensure that their patients are receiving the best care possible. Check out why we have been voted Best in Calgary. All you need to do is contact a qualified and experienced physiotherapist who can speak Spanish and can diagnose and manage your problems effectively.

Call us and book an appointment with a physiotherapist who speaks Spanish. 403-282-8050

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