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Physio for Ankle Sprains

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Physiotherapy for Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains Treatment in Calgary


Ankle Sprains 101


Everyone has sprained an ankle at one point in their life. Whether you are an elite athlete or an elite bookworm, it happens. In fact, ankle sprains are one the most common sports injuries. Read why Physio for ankle sprains can get you back into action.


One of our physiotherapists plays elite level baseball. Unfortunately during a weekend game, he managed to sprain his ankle after running past home base. An X-ray showed no break (Thank God!), however, his ankle swelled up to the size of an orange.

Here is a description of how he managed the ankle for the first few days using the RICE technique


Relative Rest:

As a physiotherapist who loves to be active, I took my recovery seriously from the get go. I kept weight off my ankle for the first 24 hours. After the first day, I attempted moving my ankle every hour or so, stopping whenever I felt pain.



I used ice regularly for the first 3 days. It helps bring down the pain and made moving a lot more tolerable.



This is arguably the most important step for swelling and ankle support. I used a tensor bandage and an ankle brace that I picked up from Brentwood Physiotherapy to maintain pressure.



I kept my ankle above my heart for the first two days whenever possible. That meant lying down on the couch with a few pillows under my ankle and catching up on Game of Thrones.



Four easy steps to remember for RICE; Relative rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. I booked the earliest appointment I could with Brentwood Physiotherapy to get a treatment in for my ankle. Even though I am a physiotherapist myself, I still get treatment from other physiotherapists to ensure the quickest recovery possible.

Get in touch with Brentwood Physiotherapy: 403-282-8050 to alleviate your pain from an ankle sprain and return to a pain free lifestyle.


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