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Basketball Injury? We will get you back on the court!

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Brentwood Physio on Basketball Injury

Here at Brentwood Physiotherapy we love to play sports and we know that doing so sometimes results in injuries. Basketball is a high stress sport that can lead to some common injuries such as ankle sprains and shin splints. In this post we will go over the common injuries resulting from basketball specifically and what rehabilitation looks like.


Common Basketball Injuries

So what are the most common injury types? Sprains and strains are the leading culprit and you will want to be extra careful to protect certain joints. The most common areas of injury in basketball include:

  • Ankles (rebounding the ball and landing on other players awkwardly)
  • Knees (basketball involves quick side to side movements)
  • Wrist and fingers (catching and passing the ball can result in wrist injuries or jammed fingers)
  • Stress Fractures (caused by repeated impact of running)

Avoid Injuries or get Rehabilitation

Other joints are also susceptible to injury including elbows and hips. Regardless of your injury our expert physiotherapists will get you back on track. With treatments at our Northwest Calgary clinic you will be able to recover quickly. In combination with prescribed home based exercises we are confident you will back playing on your competitive team or recreation league. We know you love to play so stop limping and start leaping! Rehabilitation can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the severity of the injury. It’s important not to get back into it too early and risk re-injury. Our physiotherapy team will help you with more specific timelines and recommendations.

Getting you back on the Basketball Court

What else should you keep in mind when playing basketball? You may want to strengthen your ankle even if you are not injured. Sometimes ankle braces are used after injuries to support return to sport. Proprioception is very important in a fast pace sport like basketball. Your physiotherapist will teach you exercises to improve this.

How do we treat ankle injuries and basketball related problems? Visit us and we will get you back on track.

If you do come limping into our clinic as a result of a basketball injury…rest assured that we will get you back on the court leaping for that rebound again! We love it when our clients are able to stay active and live life to their fullest potential.


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