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Brentwood Physio Can Teach You About Preventing Falls

  November is fall prevention month and Brentwood Physio can teach you about preventing falls! Physiotherapy is highly effective in preventing and reducing the risk of falls and in the assessment and management of fall-related

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Fall Prevention is Important for all Ages Especially the Elderly

Fall Prevention is important for all ages Anyone is susceptible to an accidental fall, the elderly are often more at risk. Many slip on ice in winter and that is why November is Fall Prevention

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Trouble with Balance? We Have a Cure

    Vertigo can be very Disabling and affect your balance Are you feeling a little unbalanced throughout your daily life? Maybe it’s on and off and not that much of a problem…or maybe you

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November Is Fall Prevention Month

  Falls are responsible for many injuries and disabilities especially in the elderly. Every 1 in 3 Alberta seniors will fall. There are many tools available for assessing your risk of falling.   Refer to

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Cervico-vestibular physiotherapy in the treatment of individuals with persistent symptoms following sport related concussion

We have 3 Physiotherapists who experienced in the treatment of cervico-vestibular related conditions resulting in vertigo, balance and dizziness dysfunction, neck pain and headaches. Cervico-vestibular physiotherapy in the treatment of individuals with persistent symptoms following sport related concussion:

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Vertigo and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Balance and Dizziness problems? We have qualified and experienced physiotherapists to help you. Download this word document to read more: Read more here…