We respect your privacy

This website, owned and operated by Brentwood Physio, who respects the privacy of its users and ensures that any personal information collected is kept secure and protected. Personal information is only collected if it is voluntarily provided by the user, such as through email communication or registration on a secure portion of the website. The website follows the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and meets or exceeds the requirements of Canadian federal and provincial privacy laws. Personal information is only accessible to employees who need it to perform their job duties and is stored in secure databases or paper document files. The website may share personal information with third parties in order to provide placement services. The website also collects standard information about web server activity, including IP addresses and browser information, in order to improve the website and assess its information services. This information is not used to track individual users. The website will only use personal information to contact users for support purposes and will remove users from its contact database upon request.

We may use ‘cookies.’

We may utilize ‘cookies’ to track the web browsers that are communicating with our web servers. This technology allows for applications running on a web server to be able to differentiate between one browser’s activities and another; during this process, the server dispenses data that is dictated by the website’s developers, and then the browser will send the same data back in its next request. This technology helps us to prevent abuse of surveys and questionnaires, as well as to provide customized content and user-interface features that are specifically requested by our visitors. Additionally, ‘cookies’ may be used to associate particular visitors with their own permit or application process. We may also use ‘cookies’ to track usage patterns that are important for the effective management of our website. In order to ensure a secure and private browsing experience, visitors may opt out of cookie-enabled features by disabling them in their browser settings. The ability to control or limit the use of web browsers is an integral part of modern web standards and best practices, and we are committed to upholding these for our website.

We may utilizes cookies in order to provide an improved user experience. The data that is passed from the web server to the browser contains only session-related information, and no other personal details such as names or addresses are included. Furthermore, no sensitive data is collected and stored on the web server as all collected information is temporarily stored in our cookie collection. We have taken all reasonable precautions to protect any personal information collected or stored on our website, and we ensure that all third-party companies who may have access to such data are also committed to the same security principles. We understand the importance of user privacy and do not use cookies for any purpose other than providing a better user experience.

Our website links to other websites

When you click certain links on our website, you will be taken away from our website and transported to different pages or sites that are operated by third-parties. We make it clear which links are not part of our site so that visitors can easily identify them and be aware when they leave their current page.

We advise our users to read the privacy policies and terms of use of any third-party sites that they visit. We cannot be held responsible for the content, privacy practices, or other activities of these external sites. Visitors should take caution when visiting external websites as their own safety is their responsibility.

It is important to us that we maintain the trust of our users. We will always strive to provide useful and accurate links, but we cannot guarantee the safety or accuracy of any third-party sites. We encourage our visitors to be mindful when they leave our website and read all applicable terms of use or privacy policies before proceeding further. Thank you for understanding!


If you have any concerns about whether this website is compliant with applicable Privacy legislation, then you are welcome to submit a challenge. We take all such requests extremely seriously, and will meticulously investigate every complaint that we receive. To do so, please provide us with as much relevant information and details as possible and send it to our Privacy Officer at [email protected]