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Pick a colour win a prize!

  Colours have an emotional influence on us, it is something we cannot control and it can have an affect on how we feel in the moment. Existing research has found that colours can influence

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What Does Arthritis Feel Like?

Do I Have Arthritis? Do you feel stiff in the mornings, or sore when you get up from a comfortable chair, or when the weather turns cold or rainy? It could be age-related or the

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Spanish speaking physiotherapist in Calgary

We are grateful to have a bilingual physiotherapist at Brentwood physiotherapy, who is able to communicate with her patients in both Spanish and English. Here is her story: My name is Lalitha McSorley. I am

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Virtual Rehabilitation from a Physiotherapist

Brentwood Physio Virtual Rehabilitation is an online physiotherapy service that provides users the confidential support of a licensed physiotherapist through an easy-to-use secure video/phone call. It can be a challenge to attend in-person physiotherapy sessions,

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Physiotherapy and Non emergency services shutdown

On Friday afternoon, the provincial government announced it would place additional restrictions on social gatherings to stop the spread of COVID-19. Here is a summary of everything that has been released to the public. Restrictions

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Kevin Harts Excruciating Physiotherapy Program

Kevin Harts Physiotherapy for a Spinal Fracture – Road to Recovery Comedian Rockstar Kevin Hart has become a global icon over the past few years. His standup comedy shows have attracted millions of individuals, selling

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