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Hand Exercises For Arthritis

What Is Arthritis? Remember when you could write or type for hours without pain or stiffness?  Now it seems like you can’t even grip kitchen utensils without feeling discomfort. You might have brushed it off

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Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow Ruining your game? Get back on the court,course or garden!

Tennis elbow/Golfer’s elbow…ah yes, that very annoying condition that prevents you from playing tennis, golf, baseball (or other sports and tasks that involve using the wrist and fingers). Most commonly known as “Tennis Elbow/ Golfer’s

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Tendonitis Treatments to blow your mind

  Tendonitis can be a very painful condition. It is an inflammation of the tendinous portion of a muscle usually from overuse, tight muscles, repetitive strain and muscle imbalances. This is something you want to avoid

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Arthritis can be debilitating, we can help with a cure

Living with arthritis can be difficult. Here at Brentwood Physiotherapy Clinic we don’t believe that should be the case. We want to help you find an arthritis cure. How can you find an arthritis cure? First step

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Tendonitis is a Common Sports Injury

  Tendonitis a Common Sports Injury Tendonitis is a common sports injury, it can also result from work or recreational activities. It is commonly referred to as an overuse or repetitive strain injury and can happen

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7 Common Arthritis Myths Busted

When a person is in pain due a bone or joint problems it can be hard to get moving and keep moving. Arthritis is a group of conditions that affect 4.6 Million Canadians over the age of

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Knee Osteoarthritis- The Truth!

“Studies have shown that when x-rayed, up to 85% of adults with no history of knee pain have x-rays that show knee arthritis. This means that there is little correlation between the degree of arthritis

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Joint Replacements/ Arthroplasties

Physiotherapists play an important role in the perioperative management of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) and total hip arthroplasty (THA) patients, from pre-operative triaging for surgical candidacy, to pre-operative education for patients scheduled for surgery and

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