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Knee Pain Physio

Most stressed sportsman joint KNEE

Common Conditions Causing Knee Pain requiring Physio:

  • Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome– pain in the front of the knee caused by poor tracking of the kneecap due to muscle imbalances, tight muscles, overtraining, etc.


  • Meniscial Tears/Injuries – often sport related with loaded twisting type movements or degenerative in nature.


  • Ligamentous Sprains/Tears – ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), MCL (medial collateral ligament),LCL (lateral collateral ligament),PCL (posterior cruciate ligament). Ligament sprains are graded from 1 to 3,where a grade 1 sprain involves just a few tears of the ligament fibres , a grade 2 tear involves tearing of more than 50 percent of the fibres and a grade 3 sprain involves the whole ligament being torn causing instability of the joint.


  • Bursitis – inflammation of one of the many bursa in and around the knee joint- can be occupational in nature where a lot of time is spent kneeling e.g installing carpet, tile, hardwood floors. Also can be caused by muscle imbalances and tightness.


  • Ilio-tibial Band Syndrome – a painful condition that can occur due to repetitive friction at the side of the knee from muscle tightness and imbalances. Overtraining with rapid increases in distance can be a big contributing factor.


  • Patella Tendonitis– pain and inflammation of the quadriceps tendon that inserts at the front of the knee usually caused by muscle imbalances, muscle tightness or direct impact to the front of the knee from a fall.


  • Knee Osteoarthritis – previous trauma, increased weight and age can be predisposing factors to the wearing down of the joint surfaces causing pain and swelling.


  • Muscle Strains– often caused by excessive training, inadequate warm-ups, inflexibility and muscle weakness.

What to expect from your Brentwood Clinic Physiotherapist :

  • a detailed examination of your knee is performed with specific attention paid to your activities
  • an examination of your gait pattern and other joints that can contribute to your knee pain
  • a diagnosis is made and explained to you so that you understand the nature of your knee pain
  • an evidence based treatment plan is designed specifically for you, taking into consideration your lifestyle
  • communication with your family physician, coaches and trainers to advise and recommend treatment strategies
  • appropriate referrals as required

If you have knee pain and want a diagnosis of your problem with positive outcomes allowing you to do what you love, then call us at 403-282-8050 to have one of our skilled and experienced Physiotherapists help you to “Leap Out”

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