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Working out for weight loss

We polled our community and had our team of physiotherapists, answer some common questions about working out for weight loss. Our team is qualified to answer questions about weight loss because they have extensive knowledge in

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Shovelling snow

Shovelling Snow This Winter – Keep Your Back Out of it

Snow can be fluffy, snow can also be very heavy. Snow can be used for fun winter activities but it also needs to be removed from our sidewalks and driveways! If you usually shovel the

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Wrist or Hand pain?

Wrist or Hand Pain? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common, painful and sometimes disabling condition of the hand and wrist. Symptoms can include pain and pins-and-needles in the thumb, index and middle fingers. Night pain and discomfort are common

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Top skating rink tips

Top 6 Skating Rinks To Enjoy in Calgary & How to Stay Safe

  Looking to get outside or just get active this winter? There are many choices in the City of Calgary for both leisure skating & shinny hockey with both indoor and outdoor options available. What

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Free Shoulder Joint Workshop- Injury Prevention & Treatment

Brentwood Physiotherapy Clinic in collaboration with Dunamis Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai gym are hosting a free workshop on the shoulder joint. We will be addressing shoulder injuries and prevention and treatment strategies for them.  

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Latest pelvic floor research

Latest in Pelvic Floor Research for Prostate Surgery and More!

  Pelvic Floor Research for Prostate Surgery: Men who start doing pelvic floor exercises before prostate surgery regain their continence earlier than men who start them after surgery, according to Australian researchers. Sydney University researchers

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WCB Authorization

WCB authorised Physiotherapy treatments for our Patients at our Clinic!

  WE ARE NOW OFFERING PHYSIOTHERAPY TO OUR PATIENTS WITH WCB CLAIMS! Workplace injuries are far too common and can be a heavy burden on the worker, employer and the economy. Receiving physiotherapy treatments early

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Free Workshop on Pelvic Floor Health!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for DEC. 9TH @ 10AM! FOR A FREE WORKSHOP ON PELVIC FLOOR HEALTH TOPICS TO BE COVERED: stress incontinence urge and frequency incontinence frequent urinary infections bowel issues (constipation, abdominal cramping and

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Calgary Massage Patient Smiling

Welcome Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Lucia Mathieson to our Team

Lucia Mathieson- Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist We would like to welcome her. Lucia hails from Slovakia and is a great addition to our team of united nations representatives. Conditions that can be treated by Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Lucia:

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Motor Vehicle accident treatment in calgary

Whiplash and Motor Vehicle Accidents

WHIPLASH AND MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS: It’s that season again unfortunately. Winter has arrived way too soon and the roads and weather become a daily topic of conversation bringing with it whiplash injuries. Fender benders increase

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The Back Pain Revolution!

A Revolution in the treatment of back pain: The revolution in the treatment of back pain shows that physiotherapy(physical therapy), spinal manipulations and yoga help as much as surgery or drugs, which also have the

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