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Physiotherapy Experts in NW Calgary Improve Lives

How do we Help your Quality of Life?

Brentwood Physiotherapy is committed to improving your life. Our Physiotherapy Experts help you stay active and enjoy the activities you love at any age. Joint pain or a sports injury can hold you back. If you’re limping we will get you back to leaping! That’s why we have our tagline “Limp in but Leap out!”. Don’t let pain or inconvenient injuries limit what you can do.

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Brentwood Physiotherapy Experts at North Hill Mall

Located in the professional offices near Sears, the clinic is open through the week and on Saturdays! Our philosophy is one of education and inclusion. No matter your age, gender, race or the focused pain area – we will help you get back on your feet. Our Physiotherapists are willing to help and want you to be the healthiest version of yourself. Meet our Physios and Massage Therapists by clicking here.

At the clinic we practice what we preach and use the latest evidence based physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture methods. Visit our SERVICES page for more on Dry Needling, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Arthritis, Fall Prevention, Vertigo, Whiplash and more. Our professionals are hired to give you the best possible treatment and rehabilitation options.


Call us, no Obligation! 403-282-8050

We are here to serve you. Call and get in touch with Debbie or one of our other receptionists. Want to hear what others have to say about us? Visit our reviews page HERE to read more from our biggest community supporters.


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