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May is National Physiotherapy Month! Let us Help You Move!

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May is national Physiotherapy month and I’d like to reinforce how Physiotherapy can help you move.

Physiotherapists have specialized university training in exercise prescription and physical
rehabilitation. They are registered by provincial/territorial regulatory bodies to provide
physiotherapy services. Their extensive exercise training coupled with their strong patient
relationships make physiotherapists an excellent resource for exercise prescription.
The vision of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association is “Canadians are moving, moving more and moving better with the help of physiotherapy.” In order to attain its vision and ours at Brentwood Physiotherapy clinic, physiotherapists must help Canadians achieve their required daily exercise levels. If patients are not reaching these activity levels, physiotherapists can work with them to design appropriate exercise plans tailored to their individual health needs.

• Most Canadians can find simple ways to incorporate physical activity and exercise into their
daily routines;
• More should be done to address physical activity and exercise in the healthcare setting; physical
activity and exercise levels should be a key indicator of health.
• Health professionals should be educated and encouraged to prescribe an active lifestyle and
refer patients for physical activity and exercise.

• Prescribing exercise instead of
medication requires a change in
mindset for both patients and
health providers
• Inactivity is costly to the Canadian
health care system and results in
increase in disease levels and death
• Spending on prescription drugs is
high and unsustainable
• Canadians take a lot of prescription
• Increasing physical activity levels
would improve the health of
Canadians and reduce our
dependence on drugs
• For chronic pain,
non-pharmaceutical treatments (like
physiotherapy) are preferable to
opioid medications
• Exercise and drug use have similar
outcomes for many diseases and exercise
should be considered as an
alternative to or used in combination
with prescription medication


Thanks for reading our National Physiotherapy Month post!


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