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Massage Therapists with 2200 Hours of Formal Training

Registered Massage Therapists with the National Health Practitioners of Canada(NHPC)

Our Massage Therapists are registered in good standing with the NHPC and have successfully completed 2200 hours of formal training in massage therapy.

They provide various therapeutic techniques and are very experienced in Trigger Point Release, Reiki, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage and other myofascial techniques.

Massage therapy can minimize pain and disability and return you to normal function. A systematic review of studies done by the Back Review  Group showed that :

Massage is beneficial for patients with sub-acute and chronic nonspecific low back pain, especially when combined with exercises , physiotherapy and education. The evidence suggests that trigger point/ therapeutic massage is more effective than classic massage.

Many insurance companies cover massage therapy in their extended health benefit plans.

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