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7 Reasons You Should be Talking About Massages

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Why should you be talking about massages? There are many benefits for all types of people with different levels of activity.

What are the 7 reasons to be talking about massages? Read them here:


1. Relaxation Massage

Have you ever had a long week at work and just wanted to relax? Massage therapy is great at getting your body into weekend mode. We offer relaxation massage therapy at Brentwood physio as well as other specific massage therapies. Massage therapy helps with the reduction of stress. So we hope to see you at our clinic for a well deserved and relaxing massage.


2. Recovery for Sport

Lactic acid builds up in muscles when you work out or are involved in sport. Getting a massage helps reduce muscle soreness from lactic acid build up and allows you to recover faster.

3. Massages for Injuries

If you have a specific injury whether lower back strain, hamstring tear, quadriceps strain, tendonitis, tennis elbow, etc, specific massage therapy techniques can help you recover faster.


4. Massage Therapy Improves Flexibility

If you are looking to improve in your chosen sport or just lead a more healthy quality of life, it is always a good idea to improve flexibility. Trigger point massage can help release those tight muscles. This will help prevent injuries from happening in the future.


5. Improved Circulation

Massage Therapy is known to improve blood circulation especially the legs and arms. It is also used for lymphodema very effectively.


6. They make great gifts!

Don’t know what to get your friend or family member for their birthday? How about a gift certificate for a one hour massage. They can use it at their leisure and get a full body massage or choose to focus on an area. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day??


7. You have the private insurance coverage!

Most private insurance companies pay for massage therapy. Why not take advantage of your benefits and use it for a therapeutic massage or a relaxation massage. We direct bill insurance companies so you don’t need to worry.



Book a Massage with us Today!

Deep tissue massage is another type of massage we do here at Brentwood Physiotherapy. It can be uncomfortable but will help you recover faster and gets far down into the muscles than relaxation massages. We hope to see you soon and remember we are open on Saturdays!


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