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Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) Therapy in Calgary

Where is the best IMS therapy in Calgary?


We put our bodies through so much on a daily basis. With twists and turns, jolts and bends – sometimes we may jerk something a little too far, and then just shrug it off.

But what if the pain doesn’t go away? Having constant discomfort can make the simplest of tasks feel daunting, so it’s important to listen to your body and take the appropriate steps to look after it.

If you’re experiencing sharp muscle pain, aching joints, acute or chronic pain, it sometimes needs to be stimulated at a deeper level with treatments like Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) Therapy.


Talk to some of the top therapists in Calgary at Brentwood Physio about IMS therapy. Based off acupuncture and neuroscience, this treatment can alleviate those stubborn muscles that cause discomfort and pain. IMS patients at our clinic have reported significant overall improvement.


What is IMS therapy?

After trauma, our muscles tense up and this irritates the nerves, which then causes deep pain. IMS therapy is when a thin needle is inserted into the injured muscle or ‘trigger’ point, and the reflex from the stimulation causes the muscle to eventually relax. Also known as ‘Dry Needling’, this treatment is for both acute and chronic pain to release muscle shortening.

Stretch before festive activities!

With the holidays coming up, make sure to get lots of rest in case you find yourself busy with friends or family. You may find that your shoulder is sore from playing football with on Thanksgiving, or your back won’t stop hurting from those long hours of trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Regardless of the discomfort, you can talk to one of our top therapists to see if IMS therapy fits your treatment plan. You can have the comfort in knowing your dedicated team for IMS therapy in Calgary is at Brentwood Physio.