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Read Customer Reviews from Brentwood Physiotherapy!

brentwood physio customer reviews

At Brentwood Physiotherapy we are proud to serve our customers to the best of our ability. But don’t take our word for it, take the word of our patients! The following is a collection of customer reviews we want you to read, and we also would love to hear from you too! You can review us on Facebook, Google, and Yelp. If you really feel the need you can post reviews on all three platforms 😉



“I just finished my 4th marathon. Could not have done it without Lalitha’s skills. Dry needling worked magic on my calves.”


“My 14-year old daughter attended physio here for close to two months, seeing both Ken and Brenda. Both physiotherapists were knowledgeable, caring, took the time to explain everything that was happening in her knee and very encouraging to have a full recovery and be even stronger than before the injury. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, and it was always a joy to be greeted by Debbie on the front desk.”


“Found Brentwood Physio through word of mouth, and found my therapist Judy who I thought had retired. Turns out she’s still doing great work helping people recover. She helped me get my pain under control while waiting for surgery. Along with the great work from their massage Therapist Dorota. I am now on the road to recovery!”


“I have been going here for a long time, to treat a chronic issue that I have, and have recommended Brentwood physio to family and friends who have needed physio, and everyone raves about the care that they have received. All the care is hands on, literally, these physiotherapists are trained to manipulate muscles and joints. I have seen Celia and Carlijn and they are the gifted physiotherapists.”


“[At Brentwood Physiotherapy Clinic] they focus on you! The clinic is friendly and caring. Thanks so much for the care Lalitha!  You are the best!!”


“I have had an issue for 5 years now and no one was able to help me.  I saw two other physiotherapists before going to Brentwood Physiotherapy Clinic and meeting Lalitha.   She has been working on my ribs for a couple of months now and I can’t believe the difference.  Some appointments were with Lalitha and some were with Judy.  Both are very good and I would highly recommend them to anyone.  Amazing care from this clinic, from reception right down to the treatment.”


“I would absolutely recommend Brentwood Physiotherapy Clinic as a place to seek treatment. Ken is an extremely well-rounded and intelligent physiotherapist. I came in seeking treatment for a year’s worth of back pain, and within two sessions was feeling better. After a couple weeks of treatment I injured my knee and without question, Ken switched gears to treat my knee- quickly and effectively. The clinic is on your side and wants to help you achieve a full recovery in as little time as possible.

Debbie was an incredible help in getting in. I called and she booked me in the next morning. She’s an absolute delight to converse with! Phenomenal experience all around!

Thanks, Ken and Deb!!”


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