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Latest in Pelvic Floor Research for Prostate Surgery and More!


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Pelvic Floor Research for Prostate Surgery:

Men who start doing pelvic floor exercises before prostate surgery regain their continence earlier than men who start them after surgery, according to Australian researchers.

Sydney University researchers analysed the findings of 11 independent studies, which involved a total of 739 prostate cancer patients of all ages. They concluded that men who did their pelvic floor muscle exercises before surgery had a 36 per cent lower chance of urinary incontinence at the three month point after surgery, compared with men who only did them after surgery. A similar improvement was found in their quality of life assessment at three months.

This finding supported current literature, which states that more than 90 per cent of patients recover urinary incontinence after prostate surgery in the longer term. Our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist can help you prepare for your prostate surgery to reduce the stress involved with urinary incontinence post prostate surgery.

Sexual Dysfunction and the Pelvic Floor:

The following is reason enough to get you learning how to exercise those pelvic floor muscles properly

  • A study that looked at 301 women over the age of 40 linked pelvic floor symptoms to painful intercourse, infrequent and low sexual arousal.
  • A 2004 clinical study showed that pelvic floor exercises and biofeedback were more effective than lifestyle changes for erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Men who performed pelvic floor exercises before prostate surgery regained their continence earlier as noted above by Sydney university researchers.
  • Studies confirm that lower back pain is strongly linked with pelvic floor disorders and lifestyle.


The above is reason enough to call us and book your appointment with our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. Pelvic floor dysfunction is a sensitive and sometimes embarrassing topic of conversation so we guarantee privacy, empathy and an experienced and skilled physiotherapist to help you.



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