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Physiotherapy Treatments for Strokes


What is a stroke?

A stroke occurs when the flow of blood to the brand is interrupted, this can happen due to a blood clot or a raptured blood vessel. When blood flow to a certain section of the brain is obstructed, the brain cells in that area are denied necessary oxygen and nutrients. Within minutes the cells begin to die, resulting in paralysis, loss of speech, difficulties with memory, and impaired vision. A stroke is a medical emergency.

Physiotherapy Stroke

Stroke Physiotherapy

The rehabilitation of a stroke requires a multi-facetted approach that incorporates multiple disciplines such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.Through a combination of exercise, manipulation, manual therapy and other physiotherapy related treatments, post stroke individuals can learn to make the most of their current state and maintain a level of independence.

Brentwood Physiotherapy Have Stroke Physiotherapy Experts

Brentwood Physiotherapy has a team of physiotherapists in Calgary with experience and expertise in the rehabilitation of strokes. Each of our registered physiotherapists have been specializing in stroke physiotherapy for 25+ years. We utilize the latest evidence based exercises and treatments to manage each patients symptoms. Our personalized physiotherapy treatment programs will first focus on facial exercises, joint flexibility, and muscle strengthening. The road to recovery can be long and frustrating, we understand this and our physiotherapist in Calgary will be with you every step along the way.