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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Promoting Physical Activity for the Kids in All of Us

In today’s world of cars, video games, TV’s, computers, and processed food,we are not getting enough exercise. Research indicates that over half of Canada’s children and youth are not active enough for optimal health. Inactivity

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October is Healthy Workplace Month- Tips for a Healthier Workplace

How to Create a Healthier Workplace Alberta’s workers spend more hours at work each week than any other group of Canadians at 2.4 hours more than the national average.  All that time spent busy with

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Common Complaints of back pain now that school is back?

All students have been back to school for 10 days now, some carrying heavy, poorly fitting backpacks with complaints of back and neck pain. This can be avoided with : Backpack Safety Nearly all school-aged children

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