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Brentwood Physiotherapy Reviews Calgary.

What did Adam say on Yelp?

“I’ve been to a physiotherapist a couple times before for various reasons, this time for a motor vehicle accident. I actually chose this place originally because of a yelp review. I live west of the city, so the location was also perfect for me.”

What are other people saying about us?

“I can thoroughly recommend Brenda of Brentwood Physio.  She has solved my back pain, stiffness and walking flexibility, with targeted exercise and stretching.  I have had history of back problems.

Brenda also eliminated severe pain in the shoulder, and as a byproduct, restored significantly the range of motion in my arm.  The pain had suddenly showed up 10 years after a rotator tendon reconnection.(2004). Despite her initial tendency to explain things a little too fast, I learned exactly what was causing pain, and understood in real depth how, the muscle rebalancing and reconditioning needed to work.

I was really impressed with Brenda’s knowledge and the amount of energy and genuine interest she had in helping me solve my lower back and neck/shoulder issues. She really knows her stuff! I will recommend her to anyone I know who needs a physio. Going to Brentwood Physio has been a really positive experience for me, after 10 + years of trying to manage my back pain, I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere. Sarah 2016

Definitely a renewed lease of life, and a sense that, at over 70 years old, I can continue to be very active and very comfortable.” Richard F. January 2015

Carlijn, my Physiotherapist was very knowledgeable and kind. She explained what was causing my pain and the steps that we should take to help relieve the pain. I would definitely recommend Brentwood Physiotherapy. Brent W. October 2015